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Welcoming in the World We Desire

What is Rooted and Rising

We are an intergenerational network creating climate education programs for people re-membering* how to care with the natural world.

Rooted and Rising tends to the passion and purpose of young people navigating what we currently call the climate crisis.

We offer tools, collaborative skills, and expansive ways of thinking and seeing that invite us to joyfully experiment with new/ancient ways of being.

Our Approach

We begin our program with an intersectional approach grounded in Indigenous perspectives.

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We learn with the land; lean into natural and spiritual laws; deepen treaty relations.

R+R Student Testimonials

Image by Sudheer Nunna

"I've realized how much power we have in shifting our own narrative and how much that really does influence the world we live in." 

I feel in Rooted and Rising I have learned to be less afraid of the things that I truly care about. I have learned to be patient with myself and understand, I am a process. I want to give myself the time and space to trust myself and to trust in my own strength.” 

Rooted and Rising is the world I want to live in.” 

Meet the Team

Rooted and Rising is made up of an intergenerational team of core organizers and specialist facilitators/ advisors.

We practice rotating leadership where a different combination of team members lead each class, bringing their unique expertise and ways of seeing into the conversation.

We also invite in many mentors, artists, and community members from different streams to share their work and collaborate with students in their projects.


*Re-membering: Refers to an active intention of remembering, recalling what has been lost. This is so much of the decolonial work needed at this time. We are re-membering how to reconnect with the body. We are in rites of reclamation. Re-membering acknowledges both the separation and the act of intentionally healing what has been dismembered. So what is membering? The act of being a member or part of a group, organization, or community. Membering can encompass establishing connections, relationships, a sense of belonging, and working towards common objectives and goals.

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