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Why donate?

Why invest in Rooted and Rising climate leaders?

We're working on making this program free. For now, it's offered as a pay what you can certificate with no one turned away for lack of funds. Your donation offers a partial or full scholarship to young leaders in Rooted and Rising, and is an offering of support to those care-fully responding to our collective crises. At full cost, R+R is $2,300 per student.

You are supporting the scientists, artists, healers, educators, politicians, entrepreneurs, land and water defenders, and titles we haven't yet imagined yet who will create bridges from the out-of-balance-world we inhabit now, to the joyful futures we want. We all need these young leaders to be savvy, to understand changes that need to be made, and to know how to healthily collaborate across silos to get there.


School has not prepared us to handle this highly complex crisis mentally/emotionally or collaboratively. Invest in this program to amplify the energy being channelled towards creating just, loving, and desirable futures for us all.

Let them know you have their back! This kind of mutual support is part of the healing that is needed in our collective climate response.

Be part of the magic ✷ Join the growing Rooted and Rising community/family/circle supporting young leaders.

Click here to download our pitch deck if you're a compassionate individual or a corporate trailblazer ready to harness the collective power of capital to uplift youth leaders in collaboration with Rooted and Rising. Our dedication to making a lasting impact through transformative partnerships knows no bounds, and we welcome both visionary sponsors and impassioned individuals to join us on this journey.



  • There are other youth climate leadership programs out there, what's different about R+R?
    Rooted and Rising connects formal education with wider networks of change-makers. It is an accessible university certificate for all youth regardless of school status. R+R is co-certified by university departments grassroots youth organizations & NGOs. It can be both a pre-university program for high school and out-of-school students, and a complimentary certificate for students in their post-secondary studies ___ Our program is centered in a culture of care. Among many other things, we devote time to reflect on land, self, others, what it means to exist + organize in the digital age, healthy communication, and disability justice. We lay down protocol to set up a non-judgemental learning space for youth to show up as they are. We know when the whole self is welcomed, it is easier to find your voice. R+R embraces the Many: identities, ways of thinking + seeing; visions, and solutions.
  • Am I enough?
    Yes, yes, yes + always. At R+R, all are welcomed and valued, regardless of "experience". To show up and be present is where the work begins! From there, all kinds of positive climate actions and changes can flow. We are all needed. We are all welcomed. We are all loved. If we can move from this place, imagine what we could collectively create.
  • Is it really pay what you can?
    Yes! No one is turned away for lack of funds.
  • Unlike a lot of climate change education, R+R is not funded by fossil fuels or big banks.
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