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Why donate?

Why invest in Rooted and Rising climate leaders?

Our program is offered as a pay-what-you-can certificate, with no one turned away for lack of funds. Your donation offers a partial or full scholarship to young leaders in Rooted and Rising, so that a young person's ability to pay does not determine the support society offers them to solve our collective crises.

These young people are the ones taking on our collective responsibility, often above all else. Our program develops the people that will craft environmental policy of the future - and brings them into those conversations now. You are supporting the scientists, artists, healers, educators, politicians, entrepreneurs, land and water defenders, and titles we haven't yet imagined who will create bridges from the un-well world we inhabit now, to the futures we want. We all need these young leaders to be savvy, to understand changes that need to be made, and to know how to collaborate across silos to get there.


School has not prepared them to handle this highly complex crisis mentally/emotionally or collaboratively. They are putting in the time and energy–invest in this program to make sure they are putting their energy to good use to actually create sustainable, just, desirable futures.

Let them know they have your support! It is part of the healing that is needed in our collective climate response.

Payment Methods


*this link directs you to Conscious Minds Co-operative's PayPal, a partner of Rooted and Rising.



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