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What is Rooted and Rising?



In Rooted and Rising, we don't just want leaders who know what the solutions to climate change are. We want well-resourced climate leaders who can actually achieve desirable, thriving, and just futures(now).​

Through practical project-based learning, Rooted and Rising offers a caring container for young leaders age 13-30 to holistically build:

  • Collaboration Skills

  • Self-Awareness, Confidence, and Personal Leadership Strengths (we need many kinds of leaders!)

  • Supportive Networks

  • Visions of Desirable Futures(now)

  • Self and Collective Efficacy (belief that we can do it!)

  • Capacity and Awareness to Heal (within self, with others, across generations, with ecosystems)


Our team is passionate about supporting the young people choosing to take on heightened responsibility for the crises we're currently calling climate change/injustice so that we can together, across generations, cultures, disciplines, and life experience imagine and activate better ways of living with each other and the earth.

And, through our practice together, we are creating it in big and small ways.

Certified by partner organizations and York University, Rooted and Rising is open to students in university as a complimentry certificate that enhances their degree; and to pre-university and out-of-school youth as a step into post-secondary learning.


“Taking a nap in a forest on a bed of moss – that’s how I felt after each class”

“Inspiring. Going to miss it a lot”

“Non-judgement space where I am appreciated”


“Joyful and caring”

“Learning from a place of true curiosity, like lightning”

I really like the non-judgmental environment and the strong and determined personality that everyone has, and it really inspired me to want to be a grater leader for the future.

I feel in Rooted and Rising I have learned to be less afraid of the things that I truly care about. I have learned to be patient with myself and understand, I am a process. I want to give myself the time and space to trust myself and to trust in my own strength.

Rooted and Rising is the world I want to live in.

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